We're a grassroots non-profit working on environmental protections and indigenous rights in Hawai`i, building from the premise that cultural practice and identity for Native Hawaiians is deeply tied to intact ecosystems and protected natural resources. The protection of place is intimately tied to the perpetuation and very existence of indigenous culture here in Hawai`i. Over the past 100 years, Hawai`i has become the world's vision of tropical paradise. But the problems faced here are real. Hawaiian native resources and places today face incredible challenges. We are the "extinction capitol" of the planet. It is clear that we cannot continue to sell away our natural heritage and expect to maintain the very things that make this place so special. We must fundamentally change the way we view our key economic drivers--seek true island sustainability that supports energy independence, food sovereignty, and which protects the critical native habitat and species upon which life on this archipelago depends.

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